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Sheila Devi

Career Transition Coach

Do you want to wake up excited to go to work?

Do you want to be able to use more of your skills and talents?

Do you want to feel challenged?

To make a difference? 

Do you want your fabulous work life to be part of your fabulous overall life?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, you’re in the right place.


I spend every day helping clients figure out what they really want to do.

I know what it takes to see your options and to come to a decision that you feel confident and excited to make. 

Why let another six months pass? 

It's time to figure out what you really want. 

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How would it feel to have total confidence in your next step? 

What My Clients are Saying

"Sheila was a fantastic coach for me. In the midst of a lot of change in my life, Sheila was able to (1) help me identify what was important to me; (2) give me tools and techniques on how to manage the transition and (3) enable me to get to know myself better. Her empathy and concern for me have been truly amazing. I truly believe I'm a better person for having worked with her."

~Dave, New Jersey~

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