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Decision Making

There really is No One Way.

Sometimes, there are unintended consequences, even when we think we’re very clear. Last October, I was excited to launch the No One Way™ project with this post. From October to this past January, I posted 36 “sketches” that different people created, depicting their own unique, non-linear career paths. You can see all of the sketches…

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An Even Better Question (Part 2 of 2)

I was blown away by all of the conversations I had with people about the last blog. Those conversations have inspired this follow-up entry. (Click here to read What do you WANT?, the first part of this now two-parter.) I heard this sentence structure several times over the last couple of weeks. I want to… because I don’t want to… Sound familiar?…

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What do you WANT? (Part 1 of 2)

As a coach, it’s interesting to be in a position to listen to people talk all day. I hear some of the same things over and over. “I have to…” “I need to…” “I should…” Sound familiar? (Feel familiar?) “I have to go to the gym.” “I need to go the gym.” “I should go…

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Ugh. I Did It Again.

I’m feeling disappointed and a bit lost as I wake up this morning. I’ve lived in Chicago for eleven and a half years now. It’s an amazing city and I’ve been happy here, but I’m starting to feel ready for a new place and a new adventure. I’m starting to think that I want to…

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Do you really need to find your passion?

ARE YOU A JACKHAMMER OR A HUMMINGBIRD? There’s so much buzz about having to find your passion. But how true is it? When I first heard Elizabeth Gilbert’s Super Soul Sunday talk on following your curiosity instead of finding your passion, I immediately identified with the hummingbird. She says, “The world is divided into two kinds of people: there are…

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