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There really is No One Way.

Sometimes, there are unintended consequences, even when we think we’re very clear. Last October, I was excited to launch the No One Way™ project with this post. From October to this past January, I posted 36 “sketches” that different people created, depicting their own unique, non-linear career paths. You can see all of the sketches…

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A Gentle Wake-Up Call (and a special announcement)

First off, I’m grateful for all of the responses I got to my last post. Announcement ~ Based on the emails I’ve received, I’m opening up five coaching spots for individuals struggling to move forward after the end of a significant relationship. If you or someone you know is struggling to move on, details are at…

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Two Days Before I Turn 40

This week, I turn 40. 39 was the hardest year in all of my thirties. A year ago, on March 1, I was so excited for my next year. I wrote in my journal, “39, bring it on! I’m ready to love you and live you! I had (and thankfully still have) my health, a growing…

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Ugh. I Did It Again.

I’m feeling disappointed and a bit lost as I wake up this morning. I’ve lived in Chicago for eleven and a half years now. It’s an amazing city and I’ve been happy here, but I’m starting to feel ready for a new place and a new adventure. I’m starting to think that I want to…

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