I believe that it's never too late and that you always have a choice. 


When I was 12 years old, I auditioned for my first play and was immediately hooked. From then until I was 30, I put everything into being a stage actor. I absolutely loved it. I majored in it in college. Then, throughout my twenties, I performed professionally in everything from musicals to Shakespeare to brand new plays.

Some transitions are forced.

Most artists have day jobs which pay the bills and allow them to do their craft on the side. Just before I turned 30, the tourism department I worked for was eliminated. (Even though my identity was not tied to that role, it was a huge blow to my ego to lose my job and I struggled with it for years.)

It had actually been a great day job as far as day jobs go. However, at that point, I decided that I wanted a different kind of life in the long run. I wanted to spend the majority of my hours doing something I loved - instead of just being able to do it in the few remaining hours after work each day.

Passionate about cooking and creating opportunities for people to connect over food, I enrolled in a culinary program. I'd always loved teaching as an actor and thought that I would someday start a company to teach home cooks. First, I needed professional experience though. After finishing the program, I worked as a line cook at a trendy downtown restaurant and cooked for a prominent farm-to-table catering company.

Sometimes, we have to choose to make a transition.

I wasn't happy as a cook. When you're working your way up in a professional kitchen, everything is about keeping your head down and being fast and consistent. I missed interacting with people. I missed being creative. Even with two good cooking jobs, I wasn't making enough money. Plus, I realized then that I didn't want to work every minute of every day anymore.

I thought a lot about what else I could do and decided to apply for concierge positions. The concierge industry combined my experience in tourism, my passion for Chicago's restaurant and cultural scenes, and my desire to work with and help people. Given my unique background, I was soon offered a position at a popular downtown hotel. I found that I loved being a concierge: connecting with guests, creating recommendations specifically for their interests, and showing off the best of my city. After just a few years, I became the Chief Concierge at one of the top hotels in Chicago.

Sometimes we need to take "two steps forward" even when things are going really well. 

While working as Chief Concierge, I enrolled in the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), one of the world's top coach training programs.

​Throughout everything that has happened in my life, I had become passionate about resilience. I became a coach because I wanted to help people move forward faster through challenging life experiences. 

​After working simultaneously as a coach and concierge, I started Two Steps Forward™ and took my own two steps to become a full-time coach in the summer of 2015.

In retrospect, all of those varied experiences prepared me for exactly where I am now.


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What My Clients are Saying

"It's been an absolute pleasure working with you. I can't put into words how helpful our time together has been. You have found your calling and you are rocking it.” 

"When I get on a negative thought streak I think about you and how you'd assess the situation.  You have such a wonderful, curious, kind way of looking at things. Thank you for teaching me how to take a step back.”  

~ Sara, Minnesota ~

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