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"I reached out to Sheila because I felt like I was at a crossroads and was wondering about my own priorities. Then I was laid off from my job. The coaching process has been great. I would definitely be in a different space without it. When I started I wasn't sure how this would go. This is the first time I've done anything like this. Now I wonder why I didn't do it sooner. I know myself a lot better than before. I learned how to figure out where I’m at and how I'm approaching things, using the idea of the Energy Levels. I also figured out what’s really important to me and how to give myself a break. All these things will help me be more resilient in adverse situations." 

~ Dave, New Jersey ~
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"For years, I’ve wanted to find more meaningful work. As much I devoured books, podcasts, articles, worked with a therapist, and attended seminars and workshops, I still found myself making minimal progress. So, upon the recommendation of a friend, I decided to try a coach. And I am SO thankful that the coach I found was Sheila. Through my work with Sheila, I quit my job and started my own company. I also have a completely different relationship with myself, one that is much more gentle, more compassionate, and filled with confidence. I never would have thought I would have arrived at so many profound changes in such a short period of time. My old way of being wouldn't have said it was possible. Grateful is an understatement. I can't recommend her enough.”

~ Jessica, Illinois ~
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"When I first spoke to Sheila about working together, I was curious yet mildly skeptical. I've read countless books on how to be a better person, a better spouse, and a better manager, but I still felt like something was missing in my life and therefore was open to hearing what she had to say. As I started working with Sheila, I was quickly introduced to different ways of looking at the world and different ways of thinking. Before I started working with Sheila, I found myself reacting to situations as I always have (not always with desired results), whereas now I find myself choosing to respond in a more thoughtful manner. While I used to beat myself up over not being perfect, I’m kinder to myself now. I treat myself as I would treat a good friend. Our work has helped me both professionally and personally. If you’re even the least bit curious, I encourage you to work with Sheila. I promise you it will change your life.”

~ Jason, Illinois ~

I started working with Sheila right after the company I was working for was acquired and I’d found out that I was losing my job. From the start, Sheila was an excellent listener and encouraged me to talk and think about things that were out of my comfort zone. By our last session together, I was looking at the challenges I was facing from a different perspective and from a higher energy level. While I was extremely sad leaving my job that I had for the last 10 years, the farther I drove away on my last day, the more I thought about what could possibly come next and I felt a sense of relief and peace. I decided to take my time finding a new job, so that I could enjoy some time off - that I haven’t ever had! Weeks later, I received an interview opportunity for a position that I wasn't sure I was qualified for. I referenced the notes from my sessions with Sheila and chose to focus on the skills that I could bring to their company, instead of focusing on the reasons why I didn't think I was qualified for the job. I’m now happily employed by that company, in a position that gives me the opportunity to learn a number of new skills I’ve been wanting to learn, which is something that I never would have thought possible at the start of this journey.

~ Stacy, Illinois ~
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"I met Sheila at a time of extreme transition. I was in a new relationship, moving cities, and looking to change job fields. Sheila helped me "get clear" on a lot of areas in my life, including relationships, what I want professionally, core values, and long-term life goals. She didn't push me into having a particular perspective, but asked questions that helped me figure out what I want. Going through her program while I was making this transition made me feel like I was being proactive and using my time for a better purpose. I realized that transition is scary, but it can also be a time of reflection and rejuvenation. I don't think I'd be as nearly as strong, focused, and squarely centered in my life as I feel today without Sheila's coaching." 

~ Kimberly, California ~
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"Sheila has been instrumental in helping me establish a plan for transitioning out of a physically demanding job in healthcare. She's helped me to view things from different perspectives, which has given me greater confidence that I'm making the right choices for the best outcomes. She's also taught me how to look within myself for answers that already exist. As a result, I'm able to more clearly envision the next steps to achieve my goals." 

~ Lyn, Illinois ~






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